Writing a book – setting a goal

Writing a book is my hobby, it’s something I do of an evening and at the weekend. I enjoy switching off from the stress of everyday work life, sitting down at my computer, and loosing myself in another life. Increasingly, I became aware of how much I enjoyed this, and of how much more writing suited my personality than what I was doing from 9-5.

Sometimes it is funny how we allow ourselves to just drift through our life. We don’t always lift our head up from the day-to-day grind and actually question where we want to go next. I had done this – a lot. I have a successful career, and that has been a distraction from me actually exploring my deeper needs. I think I just kept that dream of being a full time writer in the background, kept it distant. There was always tomorrow after all.

At some point you come to the conclusion that there are a finite number of tomorrows, and that if you want to achieve something you have to do something about it. Magic doesn’t happen, at least not in the real life.

January 1st 2014 was a bit different to all my previous new years. This time I decided that it was long overdue that I did something about these parked and buried dreams. I bought a journey, and I wrote stuff in it. I wrote down exactly what I wanted to achieve.

And so begins my journey – it was time to take the first step.