Creative writing – taking a risk

Creative writing has been a long term passion of mine, and I wrote a little while ago about living my life purpose – it’s time to stop procrastinating. In it I talk about my dream to become a writer. I started a journal, enlisted an editor, and began taking those necessary steps to start turning my dream into a reality. comfort My book – The Wall – is currently in the capable hands of a wonderful editor that I have found. I am extremely hopeful about what I will learn by having an expert cast their eyes over my work. I realise that I have a long way to go, to get both myself and my book to the finished product, but I am determined to enjoy the journey, and to keep learning on the way.

In order to fulfil my life purpose I must risk being a fool or a failure

In all aspects of my working life, I am not a person driven by excessive planning. If I have a goal in mind, whatever that goal is, I always find a way to get there. I simply focus on what I want to achieve, what I am doing now, and what I am doing next. What I don’t do in plan every single step that I will need to take, just the immediate and the distant. Is this the right approach? Will it work for writing? I honestly don’t know. For the moment I am very focused on getting this book edited and to quality, but I am already starting to understand more about publishing, agents, self publishing, and the things I need for my next step. I do know that a lot of people send synopsis and first chapters and wait for interest before finishing a book. For me this didn’t really appeal. I had to finish a whole book just so that I knew that I could. As part of my research I have found some awesome blogs out there, with great information on improving the quality of writing, and on publishing itself. I am also a recent, but now avid, podcast listener. My daily commute to and from work provides the perfect opportunity to read blogs or listen to a podcast on writing, and provides plenty of ideas to use when I get home in the evening. I guess one of the things that sticks in my mind about writers is the stamina you need to see your book through to publication, and how incredibly hard it is to put your heart and soul on the line. The bottom line is, if we want to achieve our goals, and if we want to stop wishing we were a writer, and to begin accepting that we are a writer – we have to take that risk – take the risk of being a fool or a failure.

9 thoughts on “Creative writing – taking a risk

    1. I am getting a better appreciation for writers and everything they do! Was enjoying a good read around your blog yesterday 😉


  1. Occasionally she does get out of her chair and talk to me. Only if I book it in though. 🙂

    The long suffering husband.


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