Making a commitment to yourself – New years resolutions

This time last year, I made my first ever new years resolution; I said that I was going to publish a book. And while I am not there yet, I am so excited about my progress that it is hard to feel like I have failed.

If I hadn’t made that commitment, I would not have got as far as I have. Since January I have, finished a book – 90k of words, found an editor, and gone through 2 rounds of editing, hacking, chopping, rewriting. In between edits, I have written the second book – another 90k, and began drafting the third.

I have spent hours reading, blogs, books, articles of every kind about writing.

I have started  a blog,  opened a twitter account, facebook pages, and various other social media accounts, where I share, and learn from others doing the same thing.

In short I made more progress towards my dream last year than any other year of my life – and I did this because I made a commitment to myself and because I wrote that promise down.

So whatever it is you want to be or achieve or do, stop waiting for it to happen, make your own commitment, and write it down. Don’t short change yourself, don’t give yourself an easy target, make it hard and make it worth the effort. If you aim high and fail, then you will still have achieved a lot.

If we want to make our dreams a reality, we have to take a risk. We have to risk being a fool or a failure, and recognise that by doing so, we ultimately become neither.

Writing Inspiration – my Writing Christmas Box

Had some wonderful presents for Christmas, and amongst them this lovely collection of inspiring books!IMG_4612

It’s been beautiful sunny weather here, so I have had time to start reading already 🙂2014-12-25 11.28.19 HDR