26 thoughts on “Writing survey – How much writing do you do?

      1. Well, a majority, not “everyone.” 🙂

        I also think it’s important to include the “grass is always greener” factor. I’ve known several people who wanted to write more, so they rearranged their lives to have more time. In a couple of cases, they ended up with more free time but not a lot more to show for it. When you know you have limited time, you sit your butt down and get to work.

        Another writer wrote an incredible amount, publishing a new book on Amazon every month or so, until she switched to erotica (where the real money is, according to her), and then vanished completely.

        Anyway, not to generalize — people are very different — but, to paraphrase Mr. Spock, sometimes it is more satisfying to want more writing time than it is to get it.

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      2. Ok, so we are better off in that sate where we still want to do more writing but are not able to ? Bit like wanting more chocolate maybe?
        No, actually now I think about it, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate 😉 and I am reserving final judgement on the writing too 😉

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      3. I had an ex-girlfriend who ate too much chocolate once. She enjoyed the eating, but she ended up with a sore stomach and a sleepless night. I’ve never managed it myself.

        Hemingway always advised stopping writing before you were done, in the middle of a scene. That way, the next day you know where to pick up, and by the time you get that scene finished, you’ve got a good momentum for the day’s work.

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  1. I think that if anybody believes that they did just the right amount of writing, or maybe too much, that they are probably doing the wrong thing by wanting to write. I think that even if we spent 24/7 writing then we would think that we were not doing enough. Maybe that is just the way that I think, but I really feel that whatever I was doing it would not be enough.

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  2. You should have seen me 15 years ago! I was writing at least 3 hours a day. Now I’ve mostly been editing what I wrote back then, but lately I’ve started writing again. I can’t spend too much time because I’m on chemotherapy and for about a week after a session I’m too tired to do much of anything beyond activities of daily living. But only two more sessions to go and then maybe I can up my writing output.

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  3. Sigh… there’s never enough time. Never enough energy left after work. Then weekends i spend blogging to support the first novel — so there’s no time left for the next novel. My endless lament…
    Hugs all ’round. 🙂

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    1. Teagan! You know, don’t you? – that you won a copy of my new book on my Launch Event, but you never got back to me. Check your Facebook messages, both regular and Other. If you don’t want the book, that’s fine, but I thought you might have forgotten.


    2. I wrote my first novel in the early morning hours, before getting ready for work when I had fresh energy. 5-6am was writing time. When the story got to a certain point, I started jumping back on the computer after work, unable to stop. I highly recommend getting up early and using that first morning energy, nt to mention the half-hypnotic mental state.

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