29 thoughts on “10 Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make

  1. I definitely do not do much in the way of outlining because that is the way that I tend to work… My characters tend to drive the plot on their own, and I just give them certain signposts along the way because there is something that I want to happen.

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  2. It’s funny that this list is such a mixture of things which are absolutely mistakes (#5 — everybody should read, widely, including in genre*), and things which are really a matter of individual preference (#6 — Ernest Hemingway: pretty good writer, moderately successful, won a prize or two, didn’t outline).

    The one I really wonder about is #3. When writers do write something different (and different is sometimes wonderful), is it because they’re setting out to do that, or is it because they’re really trying to be normal and they’re just not that good at “normal”?

    * I’ve known a lot of musicians, and pretty much all of them listened to much wider range of music than you’d ever expect based on what music they played.

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    1. I would definitely take this list with a ‘pinch of salt’ and agree there are things on it that are in no way impediments to success. But if you are new, and have never written a book, a little bit of planning certainly won’t hurt πŸ˜‰ Ok maybe a little mental anguish on my part when I do make myself plan, but it does help.


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