Author Tip: Is Short Story Writing Something You Should Do?

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images (4)Why Short Stories

By Michelle Rene Goodhew

You may not have considered short story writing before, but here are some reasons why you should. This article will also tell you how to go about crafting a short story.

Short stories are for everyone. They are fun and easy to read as well as easy to write. Short stories can be read in one or two sittings, they grip the reader’s attention and don’t let go until the end. They are popular. Remember all of those story ideas that just weren’t developed enough for that novel? These are perfect little critter’s to get you started writing short stories.

Maybe you are a new author just starting out trying to finish up that first great book. Or maybe you’re an experienced author working on a sequel or at best trying to dream one up. As a writer you need to keep busy…

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2 thoughts on “Author Tip: Is Short Story Writing Something You Should Do?

  1. I used to find short stories almost impossible — they kept overflowing their banks and turning into novels.

    (I don’t feel that bad about this — Hemingway had the same “problem.” I don’t think he ever set out to write a novel — some of his short stories just got out of control.)

    What made short stories possible for me was starting to write mystery stories. Genre restrictions are magical for that — they’re like a fixed mold you can pour your ideas into, that gives everything automatic structure.

    Of course, when I did write a series of mystery stories, they starting sending out feelers to each other, making connections and forming themselves into a type of novel anyway. 🙂

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