100 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write Your Novel

Lots of great tips 🙂

Story Fabric

I came across this blog post, and since I’ll definitely be looking at these questions as I get ready to start working on my novella for class, I thought I would share.

From thescriptlab.com

The Main Character

1. Who is your main character? Hero? Anti-hero?

2. Why should we be interested in them?

3. What attracts you to your protagonist? Do you like them? Loathe them?

4. Why do you need to write about them?

5. Why should we be excited about them?

6. Why do you believe we will find your hero sympathetic? Empathetic?

7. What makes us curious about them? What is their “mystery”? What is their “magic”? Charisma? How do you show it?

8. What does the audience find in the main character’s story that is relevant to them? Why do you believe they will identify with them?

9. What is the cherished secret desire of your…

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Editing, beaches, and winter sun

I have spent most of this week working my way through edits on book 2. I am about 50% done on this first pass. A few more iterations before it is ready for professional editing, but I find that I have come to enjoy the editing phase of writing. I like watching it morph and shift, and find it strangely theraputic.

A lot more enjoyable than trying to write a book blurb!

We took a break Sunday morning to get out of the house. The weather’s been wet and windy, and generally pretty grim lately, but it was nice and sunny briefly (and conveniently) while we were taking a stroll along the beach.

Chucked it down again once we got home. Nice when it waits 😉


Looks nice and sunny in this direction 🙂


My long suffering husband…


Not so sunny this direction…rain heading in.


The ‘stuff’ we write in Journals

Back in January 2014, I made a new years resolution to publish a book.

What is life without a dream?

As part of that journey I bought myself a lovely new Journal.

I also bought two other note pads. One for work related positive feedback, and another for personal positive feedback.

My entries in them have been sporadic, but at least I am making some effort to write my thoughts and feeling down. I do write some long posts when something in particular comes up, but mostly it is a collection of quotes or things I have picked up that resonate with my own journey.

Ok, and there is quite a bit of ‘stuff’ that relates to my self-confessed skill at procrastination 😉

I also draw little pictures, jot ideas, and make the occasional, diary-like entry.

So I wondered how many other people keep a journal, or a diary? How often do you use it? And what sort of things do you include?