Something a little different

I am not much of a sporting fan, but an opportunity to watch the Australian Rules football from the rather civilised vantage of the presidents suite at Perth’s Subiaco Oval, was at least partially appealing. I had fun, and sometimes it is good to do something a little different. The home team won by a whopping 54 points and so it was a great atmosphere at the stadium 🙂

It has been a mixed weekend weather-wise. We are just heading into spring, and it has alternated between brilliant sunshine and torrential rain. My garden has turned into a jungle in a very short space of time, and so I decided to tackle a bit of tidy up around the house.

Below is the before shot. Yep, a bit of a mess!


My cat, Ted, helping in his usual way…


All that rain and sunshine has helped my plants, very healthy, aka a jungle!




And just to show that I can tidy up—sort of—here are the after shots.



And in between gardening and football, I started and finished a fairly hefty scifi book. The Last Praetorian – book review

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “Something a little different

  1. I got an email notification of a new blog post a couple of days ago. It was called “5 Rules For Chapter One Of Your Book.”

    The post itself doesn’t seem to have appeared. Are you going to share the five rules, or will we have to make up our own?

    (My nomination for #1? Write the darn thing and move on to Chapter Two. 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. Ok I like yours better! The missing post… I was trying to share someone WordPress post using the usual reblog, but it did something really odd when I clicked. Not sure if they have introduced a new reblog feature or user error, but it came out with no content! I will try to see if I can sort it out 😉


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