Writing – the measure of success

I can’t claim to have any success as a writer, after all, I’ve never had anything published, but it seems to me that the moment you do publish, you are soon to be measured against a fantasy measuring stick.

I hope I never lose sight of the fact that I love writing, and I keep things in perspective. Both the good reviews and the bad.

If even one person enjoys our work, and even if that one person is ourselves, shouldn’t we be allowed to feel a success?

A very thought provoking article below, and well worth a read.

Should I Just Give Up on My Writing?

3 thoughts on “Writing – the measure of success

  1. What a fantastic article! I don’t think it matters whether we are published or not. All writers have their dark moments of doubt. The bottom line is to be passionate about our craft. If we’re writing for money or fame, don’t bother. If it comes along, then it’s a bonus. That’s what all authors have to keep in mind. It’s passion, dedication and an ongoing love affair with writing that should be fueling our writing.

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