WordPress workshop – fix thumbnail and tag-lines for Facebook

If you are anything like me, you occasionally (OK often) make a goof when publishing a wordpress post. You know the moment, you hit the publish button, and then spot the glaring typo in the first line!

If you are anything like me, you have suffered infinate frustration when you can not figure out why your new corrected details are not showing up when you try to post to Facebook.

Maybe you have fixed the typo but it still shows when you paste to Facebook. Or you have changed your thumbnail image five times, and the old one (that your really don’t like) is still there – even though you have deleted the damn thing from your post, and your media library…and your machine out of sheer desperation!

So, if you ever find the wrong image showing in your thumbnail in Facebook, or the title, or the tag text that accompanies your post…here is a super easy way to fix.

Facebook Object Debugger

Paste your post url in here, and see what pops out. Scroll down to check what it has now.

To correct the details, hit the ‘Fetch New Scape’ button at the top.

Done 🙂

A relieved blog writer, and corrected a post – Win!

14 thoughts on “WordPress workshop – fix thumbnail and tag-lines for Facebook

  1. I’ve been posting “privately” these days to check my copy before actually “publishing.” Catches lots of typos. I wonder how that affects the debugging process. I’ll pay close attention from now on. Thanks!

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  2. Thanks for this great share! It’s happened to all of us. What I’ve done in the past was go to the FB post and delete it from there, then go back to my post and share again to FB when it’s been corrected. 🙂

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