7 thoughts on “How reviews help writers… I didn’t know Amazon worked this way…

      1. In some ways, I am too… That said, I do reviews if I love the book and even promote the ones I love on Twitter. HOWEVER, if I can only give a book a 3 at best, I believe a review will do more damage than good, because it would be more of a constructive criticism than a review. If I feel the author has potential to grow, I try to find a way to privately email them advice, but I really feel that things like that should be personal, not public.

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      2. Huge part of the problem. Can’t give honest reviews these days. Anything I give five stars to I absolutely love and has something I can take from. Many books get four. Three are good and are worth the read but they’re run of the mill for me. I’ve never given a one or two. But these days all people do is give automatic five stars because they know the person and it’s severely hurt the industry.

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      3. I do think there are some genuine reviews out there. It is tough though to unpick the genuine from the not genuine. Generally I feel that if a book is bumped up by less than realistic reviews new readers quickly wade in to sort it out and the overall rating comes down. It’s tough, but all we can do is keep reminding people to put a good word in if they genuinely enjoy it. 🙂

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  1. I have quite a few readers. Not many reviews. The general reader that is nothing more than the general public / reader focus more so on reading than reviews. Everyone tells me they loved the book and one promised to write a review. I’ve just accepted it. I’ve asked just like this and people have liked my posts but it ended there. Doesn’t matter what people think, or if your reviews talk about craft, etc. If you don’t have reviews on Amazon it doesn’t matter. If you don’t devote your time to cliques and get them to five star your book for no reason…it doesn’t matter. It’s a shame but this seems to be how social media reviews work. It’s a shame.

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