10 thoughts on “28 Things Every Bookworm Should Have in Their Dream Home

  1. There are a handful I really like. And, I’ve seen similar groupings of these items before. But, the ones I cannot stand are those featuring more than a hundred books in one piece and books used as stain catchers! A book floor or place mat? That’s kinda insulting to a writer! I used your best work as a set of coasters for my guests’ drinks. How nice of you to immortalize my work that way. NOT! I’ll take the bed spread, reading nook and book chair.

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      1. There’s nothing funny about a hundred books or more surrounding your personal space in a way that looks suffocating. For whatever reason, I don’t feel the same at a public library. But, looking at some of those huge masses of books makes me short of breath.

        Books IN a fireplace?

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      2. Yer right. I had to look a second time. And, it ignited a fire of shock and rage in me when I saw that. I just think of that book Fahrenheit 451. Why would we put the things we love in a place that could destroy them? Why would you put paper by a flame or water? Or, underfoot…or under ass?

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