When and where and who

I was feeling a little tired last night, so instead of doing any writing, I decided to watch a film.

Flicking through the titles, I came across the old western classic, A Fist Full of Dollars, the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western where our hero pits two rival criminal families against each other, in what would otherwise have been a very sleepy Mexican village. The acting was both dreadfully wooden and dramatically over-the-top, but it still captured the essence of what we believe the wild west was like.

So, what does this all have to do with When and where and who, you may be asking?

Well, as the opening theme was rolling across the screen, I started thinking about what it would have really been like to live in the wild west, whether it was a sleepy Mexican village, or a frontier town, or even one of the first settlers dashing across a plain to make that all important land claim.

It did not take me very long to decide that the wild west was probably not for me!

As a scifi fan, I think if I could choose any when to live, I would want to live in the future. And as for where? Maybe something exciting like a new space colony on a yet to be discovered planet.

But, hold on, wouldn’t that be simply a space-age variation of a wild west frontier town?

Hmm, maybe not a settler on a new space colony after all.

Thinking forward in time is always a little harder. You don’t have any certainty about what may happen, so placing yourself in a when and where is all about whatever your imagination can conjure up.

History is a little more interesting from the point of view that we do at least know something about it, although sometimes admittedly the records are a little sketchy the further you go back.

So, if I was to choose going back in time, then I would embrace my other love of castles, and in particular English castles as they were at their height in the 12th Century, long before the invention of gun power brought their era to an end.

Now here comes my last criteria – the who. Because if I am going back in time, the last thing I want to be is my twelfth century equivalent, who was probably a peasant and toiled all day long in a field of cabbages and was dead by the age of thirty! No, I would like to be someone far more important if I am going to indulge in this time-travel idea 😉

So, I thought I would ask the same question of you all, just for a little fun.

If you could live in any time and any place, and be any kind of person – What is your personal – When, where, and who

You can choose to go forward or backwards in time…but there are some rules to this!

Rule 1 – If you are going forward, you must be born at least 100 years after your own birth date. 

Rule 2 – If you are going back in time – you must be born at least 20 years before your own birth date.

Final bonus criteria. When, where, who, and age (i.e. how old would you be).

15 thoughts on “When and where and who

  1. I thought about it and I would definitely like to go back in history, middle ages to be precise. But then, I think I would like to be invisible there, so that nothing happens to me. Bad things happened in the middle ages. XD

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  2. While the Middle Ages fascinates me and the Renaissance in Florence would be fantastic, just thinking about the lack of medical and dental care – not to mention the smell of people who never washed – sort of turns me off. Plus I’d have to be a man because women were second class. So I’d probably opt for the future. If the progress made in science and technology in the last 100 years are any indication, a hundred years from now, at least in those areas, should be pretty awesome. I’d probably want to be a physician.

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  3. If I had my choice, I’d pick 100 years in the future. I’d be born in 2041. I’d probably pick to be born somewhere well away from the coasts as the water level may go up by that time unless we take action now. I saw a TV film one time about “Lost Angeles.” It’s creepy. I’ve also seen the movie, “Waterworld.” I’ve always been facinated with the 20’s and 30’s, but I was born before antibiotics were widely used and remember what a problem that caused. I also remember slow dentist drills. My brother, older than me having been born in 1921, had whooping cough. I had some of the things my children were innoculated for. A friend’s brother had polio. I’d want to have a good education and be in my mid 20’s. I’d still choose to be a teacher. Although, the educational system will no doubt change by then. 🙂


    1. Wonderful Suzanne 🙂 I do think there is a bit of a theme here with medical care in general in the past. So nice that you are obviously doing something you love as a teacher that you want to be one again 🙂


  4. I thought I didn’t have an answer, but then one came to me on another blog. We were talking about the importance of letting the readers do part of the work, and I said that’s one reason I’m always drawn to audio drama — because I get to add the visuals myself.

    Radio drama (and comedy) was over before I was born — though not long before — but I’d have liked to be around when it was a vital medium. I have episodes from ten different shows on my tablet, but it would have been fun to hear them for real — let alone all the shows that didn’t survive. I Love A Mystery had over fifty different storylines, but only two survive complete, and three others are mostly there, but they’re missing an episode here and there.

    Boy would it be fun to hear the rest.

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