writers – why we love procrastination

Is it possible to be a writer and not procrastinate? I often ponder this question…while procrastinating instead of getting some writing done.

Writers - why we love procrastination

I’m sure there may be writers out there who don’t procrastinate, but I’ve never met one. People who are able to write without a snack break, tea break, random paper and pencil realignment, or that essential quick peak to see what is happening on Facebook or Twitter, remain a myth.

Procrastination for the writer

So, is a little procrastination good for us?

Well, I’m inclined to think a little procrastination never hurt anyone. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that procrastination is an art form, and most writers have a deep sense of respect and empathy for our fellow procrastinators.

We get it.  We get them.

And we know that sometimes you need to embrace a little procrastination before you can get down to doing something constructive with your time.

Procrastination is a warm-up. It’s a means to an end.

It’s also a reward.

“I’ve just bashed out 5 pages! I deserve a quick game of Candy Crush!”

Is there such a thing as too much procrastination? I’ll leave you to decide 🙂

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