Around the world starting in Japan

Today is the second full day of our round the world trip that is taking us away from the humdrum of everyday life for nearly six weeks.

This first week will be spent in Tokyo, Japan, and then it is off to the UK to spend Christmas with our family, before heading to America. I love visiting new places and seeing new cultures, we were fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in China a few years ago now and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m pretty sure a week is not going to be enough time in Japan, and that means I have a great excuse to come back again 🙂

Yesterday we were both pretty jet lagged after a four hour flight from Perth to Sydney, followed by an overnight from Sydney to Tokyo. We landed at 5am and then rather foolishly decided to take the train instead of just getting a taxi. The train part itself wasn’t so bad, but lugging suitcases up several flights of stairs at the end, and then trying to navigate to the hotel with google maps was not so much fun. By the time we reached the hotel it was close to 7am and we had a quick freshen up and change and then went straight out!

We found a little coffee shop, loaded up with caffeine and then headed off to explore some of the things to see near to our hotel knowing we were probably not up to a big day after the flight. In the morning we explored the very beautiful gardens of Meiji-Jingu, a city centre forest created in honour of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken for their souls to dwell in. It was a very beautiful setting, and I have quite fallen in love with Japanese trees, even in early winter with their leaves turning. I guess wherever you come from in the world there is a pleasing familiarity with our own native trees. I’m English, and I do love a mighty oak tree, but if I had to adopt another countries trees I would definitely vote for Japan.

Meiji Jingu Tokyo
A serene, tree-lined avenue in the Meiji-Jingu forest, Tokyo.
Sweeping the paths the traditional way at Meiji Jingu
Gate to Shinto Shrine at Meiji Jingu
Shinto Shrine at Meiji Jingu
Shinto Shrine at Meiji Jingu

In the afternoon we headed over to Zojoji Temple, Shibakoen. By the time we had explored the temple and then had another coffee we were both (okay, probably mostly me) flagging. We got back to the hotel intending to have a quick nap…and slept straight through for 15 hours!

We felt human again this morning, thank goodness, so it was off and out again just after 8am. We visited the Kaneiji Temple, Taito-ku. The walk up towards the temple from the gate is a crazy bustle of street vendors with all kinds of food and tourist paraphernalia. One of the good things about walking 25k a day is that you can afford to partake of the tasty looking treats. Most of the time you have no idea what you are about to eat, but it’s kind of fun to just give the snacks a go 🙂

Bustling street leading to the Kaneiji Temple, Taito-ku
Bustling street leading to the Kaneiji Temple, Taito-ku
My husband at the Kaneiji Temple, Taito-ku
My husband at the Kaneiji Temple, Taito-ku
Kaneiji Temple site, Taito-ku
Kaneiji Temple site, Taito-ku

In the afternoon we headed over to Skytree Tower for a view of the city, which was spectacular even though it was a little cloudy. Unfortunately we could not see Mount Fuji, but the city was super clear. And they had a Star Wars themed top deck, which appealed to the kid in me, and is evidenced by the post cover picture of me with the Storm troopers! We finished off with a walk across town to the Ueno Park.

Plenty more activity before we get on the plane again! Looking forward to a busy few days 🙂

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