How To Look Like A Writer #writerslife #writers

A bit of writerly fun 😉

Lucy Mitchell

How To Look Like A Writer

For the fashion conscious amongst us I thought I would pull together 5 key looks for writers:

  1. Writer At Work Look.This look guarantees the writer maximum comfort whilst at the laptop for several hours. You can achieve this look by wearing pyjamas / tracksuit bottoms & t-shirt / baggy cardigan / loose fitting trousers and slippers or fluffy slipper boots. Take this look one step further by going without make-up, scraping your hair up and having a pencil tucked behind your ear.
  2. The Tweed Writer Look.This look is all about letting the world know that you are a writer through tweed. It screams ‘creative person’. I did some research for this post and when I asked people what they thought writers wear -tweed was their unprompted response! Sigh! Take this look to the next level by dressing head to toe in tweed.
  3. The Stereotypical Writer look.This look…

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