50% through my draft…and a bandicoot #amwriting

Today marks a special place in my drafting of book three, and I am delighted to hit the 50% (or 50k in words) mark!

I always aim for around 100k in the draft, and generally chop around 10k in the editing stage to leave a decent scifi size of around 90k. I break my book into quarters for planning, and set myself a daily target in scrivener. I am currently on target to finish the draft by the end of April, and then the wonderful, and endless, editing can begin.

I actually like editing, I like writing more, but editing is also fun, and I feel a great deal of satisfaction from turning a rather basic draft into something far more polished.

But…I have another 50k to go before any editing can begin, and I have been surprisingly disciplined with myself in not over editing what I have just drafted, which is paying off in terms of progress.

To confirm just how dire my addiction to writing¬†is, my husband took an Instagram snap of me (unbeknown to me at the time) with the comment¬†‘Even when we’re out she’s editing her book!’ It got quite a few likes‚ÄĒI suspect mostly from writers ūüėČ

Yes, I did have my kindle with me, and I was reviewing yesterdays draft, but it was just to set me up for the day, honest!

To¬†take a break from my writing,¬†I did¬†a little gardening yesterday¬†(and yes it was hard to drag myself from my computer), which is when I spotted the bandicoot chomping down on the cat’s food. We get a lot of bandicoots around here, usually early¬†or at dusk. They are pretty cute, and not at all¬†bothered by people or our cats. In fact, this one hopped¬†straight past me and the cat on his way to the food bowl!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful easter weekend.

Happy writing ūüôā

Bandicoot 2

Bandicoot 1

burmilla cat

When to Kill Off a Character?

A question I have considered a time or to myself…I’m not averse to killing a character off ¬†ūüôā

I’ve been working on one of my short stories lately, because I want to at least try to get something published this year…and I ran into a little snag. On Sunday, I finished a rough draft for it, but it didn’t seem complete. I had alluded to the idea that one of the characters does […]


I live to write and write to live #amwriting

I admit I have been a little lax lately in writing blog posts, and there is a really good reason for this, I have been busy writing the third and final book in my series.

I finished book one, including professional editing a little while ago now, finished self-editing book two late last year, and then followed straight into writing the third and final book.

I don’t know why but this time around I am absolutely consumed with the need to write such that very little else goes on in my spare time. I am generally a person whose ideas for scenes just¬†pop in, but over the last month or so I have so many ideas that I can’t keep pace with writing them up.

I didn’t plan the first two books to¬†the same level of detail as I have applied to this¬†third book, but I am finding that planning has really helped to get the ideas flowing, and the writing part has come a lot easier the third time around. I guess when you get to the third book in a series you also know your characters really well, and the way they react to the challenges you place before them, so it makes getting in tune with them easy. I also think the skeleton plan, and the firm knowledge that I¬†am going to wrap up the story at the end of this book, keeps everything tight and moving along towards the conclusion.

Whatever the reason behind my current enthusiasm for writing, I am loving it at the moment, and can’t get enough of it.

I did originally consider publishing book one and then seeing how it went before completing the series, but I have since scrubbed that idea. For better or worse I have just enjoyed the journey of writing a three book series, and however well it ultimately does in the real world i.e. when I publish it, I am glad I went on to complete it.

One good thing about being able to finish the lot before I publish is it that I have the luxury of nipping back to book one and two to tweak it when ideas pop up…lots of ideas have popped up.

Once I finish the final book I am going to review the whole thing collectively, tighten up and close off all the plot points, and then I am going to find a new project to write ūüôā

Ah, the joy of writing!

16 Signs you’re addicted to writing #amwriting

  1. You keep a pad and pen or electronic device handy next to your bed so that you can quickly jot ideas down.

addicted to writing ideas

2. You think it’s perfectly normal to have imaginary conversations between imaginary people in your head.

imaginary friends

3.¬†You never give up, even when the dreaded writer’s block strikes.

writer frustrations

4. It takes you ages to fall asleep because you are busy running through book scenes in your head.

sleeping writer

5. You have half finished manuscripts, random scenes, photos, ideas, and character profiles scattered in files all over your computer, and on bits of paper in every room of the house.

writers stuff

6. You get distracted during conversations if someone says something you think would be great for your book.

characters for your book

7. You hate the thought of socialising, but love it when you do because how else are you going to find material for your book.


8. You find yourself watching strangers, especially if they are quirky, different, or are doing something odd.

odd people make great writing material

9. Daydreaming is your next favourite thing after writing.


10. You are delighted when everyone else goes out so you can have some quality writing time alone.

writing best done alone

11. When you write you forget about everything…who needs to eat or clean the house?

Messy house

12. You have enough funky notebooks, pens, and pads to start your own stationery store.

stationery story

13. You have well defined reward criteria for finishing your writing tasks…If I can just finish a thousand words tonight I can have that…


14. You get a little thrill when you write a really good sentence or scene.

15. You get a bigger thrill when someone else loves a sentence or scene you wrote.


16. You would rather be¬†writing than anything else…well, almost anything ūüėČ


Happy writing ūüôā