I live to write and write to live #amwriting

I admit I have been a little lax lately in writing blog posts, and there is a really good reason for this, I have been busy writing the third and final book in my series.

I finished book one, including professional editing a little while ago now, finished self-editing book two late last year, and then followed straight into writing the third and final book.

I don’t know why but this time around I am absolutely consumed with the need to write such that very little else goes on in my spare time. I am generally a person whose ideas for scenes just pop in, but over the last month or so I have so many ideas that I can’t keep pace with writing them up.

I didn’t plan the first two books to the same level of detail as I have applied to this third book, but I am finding that planning has really helped to get the ideas flowing, and the writing part has come a lot easier the third time around. I guess when you get to the third book in a series you also know your characters really well, and the way they react to the challenges you place before them, so it makes getting in tune with them easy. I also think the skeleton plan, and the firm knowledge that I am going to wrap up the story at the end of this book, keeps everything tight and moving along towards the conclusion.

Whatever the reason behind my current enthusiasm for writing, I am loving it at the moment, and can’t get enough of it.

I did originally consider publishing book one and then seeing how it went before completing the series, but I have since scrubbed that idea. For better or worse I have just enjoyed the journey of writing a three book series, and however well it ultimately does in the real world i.e. when I publish it, I am glad I went on to complete it.

One good thing about being able to finish the lot before I publish is it that I have the luxury of nipping back to book one and two to tweak it when ideas pop up…lots of ideas have popped up.

Once I finish the final book I am going to review the whole thing collectively, tighten up and close off all the plot points, and then I am going to find a new project to write 🙂

Ah, the joy of writing!

5 thoughts on “I live to write and write to live #amwriting

  1. So glad to hear that you are enjoying your writing so much! 😊
    It must be really affirming to be halfway through book THREE and to still be finding loads of ideas. I hope to be in your shoes in the future ☺ Good luck with it all!

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