50% through my draft…and a bandicoot #amwriting

Today marks a special place in my drafting of book three, and I am delighted to hit the 50% (or 50k in words) mark!

I always aim for around 100k in the draft, and generally chop around 10k in the editing stage to leave a decent scifi size of around 90k. I break my book into quarters for planning, and set myself a daily target in scrivener. I am currently on target to finish the draft by the end of April, and then the wonderful, and endless, editing can begin.

I actually like editing, I like writing more, but editing is also fun, and I feel a great deal of satisfaction from turning a rather basic draft into something far more polished.

But…I have another 50k to go before any editing can begin, and I have been surprisingly disciplined with myself in not over editing what I have just drafted, which is paying off in terms of progress.

To confirm just how dire my addiction to writing is, my husband took an Instagram snap of me (unbeknown to me at the time) with the comment ‘Even when we’re out she’s editing her book!’ It got quite a few likes—I suspect mostly from writers 😉

Yes, I did have my kindle with me, and I was reviewing yesterdays draft, but it was just to set me up for the day, honest!

To take a break from my writing, I did a little gardening yesterday (and yes it was hard to drag myself from my computer), which is when I spotted the bandicoot chomping down on the cat’s food. We get a lot of bandicoots around here, usually early or at dusk. They are pretty cute, and not at all bothered by people or our cats. In fact, this one hopped straight past me and the cat on his way to the food bowl!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful easter weekend.

Happy writing 🙂

Bandicoot 2

Bandicoot 1

burmilla cat

8 thoughts on “50% through my draft…and a bandicoot #amwriting

  1. LOL love the picture of the cat. So angry. Congrats on the 50k mark. That’s always satisfying! It took me years to learn that it’s important to finish a draft first instead of editing as I go. How do you view your drafts on your kindle? I had a kindle for a couple of years, then it broke. i”m probably not up to date with how well the newest one works. Considering buying another one shortly here.

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    1. I am afraid I am a bit of a kindle convert and read everything on one now 🙂
      It is fiddly to explain how to put your novel onto a kindle, but easy once you know.
      I compile my manuscript into .mobi format straight from scrivener using the export facility, but otherwise you can save a word doc as a pdf and use that instead.
      Once you have created the mobi or pdf, you plug your kindle in to the computer, then open the ‘kindle’ folder on your computer (explorer on Windows or finder on Mac)
      You need to drop you book file (pdf or mobi) inside the ‘document’ folder inside the ‘kindle’ folder.
      Finally, eject the kindle from the file view and you should see the book pop up on the kindle screen.
      I use the highlight and notes tools on the kindle. For basic typos I just highlight the word or block, or for something more complex you can highlight a word or section and then add a note to it.
      There is a notes tab on all books on a kindle, so once you add all the highlights and notes you can scroll through the list from there when you get back to updating the book.

      I should probably do a blog post with screen shots 😉
      I have a 30min train ride to and from work which is excellent to review the previous nights work 🙂

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      1. This is fantastic advice thank you! I have used Dropbox app to view docs but it doesn’t let you save your spot. I can’t remember I think it allows you to edit but not sure. If you do a blog post that’d be awesome. I definitely like the idea of editing outside of Word so that you have a new fresh way of looking at the text.


  2. 1) Congrats on 50%! Whoo!

    2) Great expression on the cat.

    3) I get my drafts on the Kindle by emailing them there. Works with text files, Doc files, and HTML. And then I have the Kindle read them to me, making notes as I go. It’s a terrific tool.

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  3. Congrats on your 50%!

    I’ve never heard of a bandicoot before. I’m glad you like them. This one looks a bit like a rat. Maybe they’re cuter in real life.

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    1. Thank you, and yes they do look like a fat rat 🙂 but have longer snouts, and thicker bodies, and they hop so fast when they want to it makes me think of road runner – takes a few seconds to figure out where they’ve gone. They’re an Australian marsupial, good for keeping garden pests down, but on the down side they do like to dig!


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