A writer’s guilty pleasure – reading #amwriting #amreading

I’m a writer, which means I like to write.

Sometimes I also like to read. A lot. When I should be sleeping. When I should be doing something important.

Now, I know all the theories that writers are supposed to read, and how you will never be a great writer if you don’t read a lot etc. etc. But am I the only one who sometimes reads a book with a sense of guilty pleasure?

It’s like…

I could have completed editing that chapter … but spent the evening reading instead.

Or I could have cleaned the house…but I spent the afternoon reading instead.

And even when there is nothing more important to do, and you allow yourself the guilty pleasure of reading time, there are degrees of guilt. For example reading a classic or literary fiction is far more acceptable than dipping into the latest genre fiction offering in the bestseller list. And reading about writing? That’s Okay too.

But a brain-off holiday romance? When you write crime fiction? What if it infects you and your gritty thriller turns into…Oh dear!

And what about people who write literary fiction? They must be in a constant state of fear that if they dip into the latest YA sensation it may give their masterpiece a new and unwelcome twist.

There is no hope for it. I don’t know a single writer who isn’t also a reader. I love the different genres, and I love the different writing styles. I love reading—even when I know I should be doing something else!

And despite the guilty pleasure…I’m off to read some more! 

18 thoughts on “A writer’s guilty pleasure – reading #amwriting #amreading

  1. I definitely wrestle with the “shouldn’t I be reading something more helpful to my writing?” demon. There are genres I love to read and cannot write (cozy mysteries, I’m looking at you) so they are technically out of my field. But really, anything written took writing and we can learn from it, even if it doesn’t fit perfectly into our pigeon-hole. (Actually we need to get out of that pigeon-hole, so maybe reading the stuff that’s causing guilt is really good for us?)

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  2. I’m completely with you on this, and for me it is mostly when I should be sleeping. I often find myself glancing up at the time every half an hour and thinking “oh, just ONE more chapter, that won’t kill me…”, amd before I know it it is 2:30AM and my 6AM wake up for work becomes even more unbearable! Bloody books…

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  3. Haha. Loved this title very catchy. Save it for a book name 🙂 This year I have been bad because I haven’t been reading as much as I should, besides writer related books and blogs. But I think fiction of any kind can inspire you and relax you when you do write. Hence, I’ve been making the effort to read. Yes in bed, and outside, wherever I can. Great piece, totally relatable. 🙂

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  4. Hello Georgina! Fabulous blog and a great post! I’m so glad I popped over! I love my YA and Genre fiction and I feel absolutely no guilt when I have to put everything else on hold to get through them. Especially, if it’s a book by a favorite author and I’ve had it sitting in amazon on pre-order for months. I figure the quicker I read it, the quicker I can get back to regular programming.

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