Dear writing, I miss you. #amwriting

Three years ago we bought a cute little stone cottage in the Perth hills region, and we have finally got around to making it into the home we always dreamed of. We completed the kitchen last year, and intended to complete the bathroom and laundry room this year, however it has sort of morphed—as renovations sometimes do—into also ripping many, many meters  of diagonal wood paneling off and replacing it with plastered walls.

The entire contents of the house with the exclusion of two seats, a bed, and essential clothing, is in boxes. I haven’t seen my computer in a couple of weeks, it’s boxed up somewhere…I hope!

So needless to say I have had no time for writing, and I’m about to take a week off…to do nothing but paint.

On the plus side, I’m sure my writing will be twice as effective in the lovely new look house!

But for now…

Dear writing, I miss you, and I hope to see you soon.

14 thoughts on “Dear writing, I miss you. #amwriting

  1. We moved two years ago and are still doing things up. It took me weeks to find all the bits of the PC after the removal guys lifted it having been told we would be taking that in the car…. You will get there and your writing will be totally inspired x

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  2. We had to move into a much smaller home due to budgetary concerns and I haven’t had the space I used to have when I wrote. Now my writing is almost completely confined to my desk, when I used to sprawl across the room with pictures, drawing, maps, and notes all over the place.

    I’m adapting though. I figure I’ll get into a good routine… right in time to move again.

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    1. Yes, we moved nearly every year for about 7 years before we found our current house. Only some intentional! Hoping to be here for a good while now, and especially after all the effort renovating 🙂 agree though, it does take a little while to find your writing routine after a move. And think it will take me a while even without moving after all the disruption we’ve had decorating.

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