Selecting a book cover…I’ve found something else to procrastinate about #amwriting

Throughout the process of publishing a book I have had to navigate numerous stumbling blocks: the dreaded analysis paralysis, indecisiveness, and a great deal of procrastination.

First there was the character names, and I have excelled at indecisiveness in this area. I am about to publish and I am still changing character names! I am even—at this late stage—contemplating changing the sex of one of my main supporting characters! I am the living embodiment of a Tom Gauld cartoon.

Then there was the book name, and many an amusing conversation between myself and my father (and other people) has taken place about what to call the book.

And now there is the book cover…

I honestly thought the cover would be easy (what a fool I was!), but no, yet again, I have discovered new degrees of procrastination due to the choice available to me. My book is sci-fi fiction, which typically can have:

  • A picture of a planet(s)
  • A picture of a spaceship
  • A picture of a person
  • A picture of a landscape
  • An obscure symbol

My book, while sci-fi, also has elements that would appeal to fantasy fans. So you can probably throw a sword in there because hey-ho, there are some swords.

And let me tell you that is way too much choice for my brain to cope with.

Let’s layer over the top of this some angst from all the articles I have read talking about the vital importance of getting your book cover right to attract the right audience.


I fear many more days, weeks (hopefully not more than weeks) of procrastination about my cover design, after which I will probably pick something incredibly mainstream out of sheer desperation.

Ah the joys of writing 🙂

…And if only I could pick a cover so I could get back on with the writing part.

9 thoughts on “Selecting a book cover…I’ve found something else to procrastinate about #amwriting

  1. I absolutely agree, we’ve gone through the cover process 5 times now and are actually working on two more with an absolutely fabulous eBook cover designer Dafeenah @ Indie Designz. She makes it an easier process by providing a questionnaire in which my husband can put as little or as much detail about the book, characters, etc… and she takes it from there to produce a draft.
    If we were unhappy with it? No problem, she’ll scrap and begin again until we are happy with the direction. Having a talented and patient eBook cover creator can definitely ease some agony in deciding on a cover, they really push you to think about what you want for your book but also produce eye-catching covers to help with the marketing side.

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    1. Sounds great. Will check her out. Did. You publish with the first versions? I know people who have published and then refreshed the cover later with great results. I do think I might likewise find myself going through a few iterations as I learn though 🙂 thanks for the insights.

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      1. For book 1 of Continue Online we had originally published with a different cover-at the time, being the first book he ever published-we really loved it, but the artist who did that one could not do the next ones in the series. That’s when we found Dafeenah and realized our original cover was very amateurish(it truly was), she did such a great job and we wanted to keep a common theme/feel for the books in the series that we had her re-do book 1. While I’m uncertain as to whether it increased sales or not, it did in fact make me incredibly happy to see the covers all neat and tidy on his Amazon author page haha.

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      2. Yes, mine is part of a series, so I expect I may end up redoing the cover with the next book or committing to a series of covers now, which I am not sure is a great idea as a new author. I think the best thing I can do is just to move forward with a cover and learn from it. I guess it’s only later that you become a little more objective about what makes a good cover, and I can totally relate when you say you loved the first cover design and then looked back and thought it was amateurish… A bit like me reading some of my old writing scribbles and comparing them to my edited book 😉 As an avid reader I have spent an awful lot of time subconsciously judging book coves without taking a lot of the underlying knowledge in.
        Ps I suspect I too would be incredibly happy to see a neat and tidy row of my book covers on Amazon 🙂

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