Where dragons exist #amwriting

There is something magical about a craft that can take us on a journey, and can blur the lines between the real and the unreal. Writing is such a craft. It can pick us up from our mundane lives, and take us to a place where all things are possible.

The real world, where we live, is a place filled with beauty and terror, and so too is the imaginary world where dragons exist.

All stories have a purpose, a reason for existing, and a vastly diverse reason it may be. Do we write to entertain? To change our reader? To provoke thought? Good books may entertain us, or change us, or even leave us with a lingering thought. A great book will do all three.

There is no greater aspiration for a writer than to take our reader to a place where dragons—metaphorical or otherwise—exist, and better yet, to show us that those dragons can be beaten.

12 thoughts on “Where dragons exist #amwriting

  1. World building has always been my favorite part of writing. Creating a world that has never existed, then welcome the audience to journey through the world. To discover the dragons, the people, the world itself. To get lost in a place that never before existed.

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  2. I love your work.
    Books are a beautiful escape, and at times they teach us living.
    And writing, it just transforms our daily life situations into intriguing and magical adventures.

    Well, I really did enjoy your blog.
    I’m a starter with a few poems and quotes and short stories.
    A writer striving my way into the literary world.
    I would love for you to visit it and share your views.
    The link to my bloh-
    Aurum Words… – Be Free Be You https://aurumwords.wordpress.com/

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