You are not defined by the things you own, except for your books #writing #books

Once upon a time, I aspired to own a home where I could dedicate a room to a library.

I imagined the walls filled with all the beautiful books I had collected over the years.

I imagined it becoming a legacy.

I imagined it as a window into my life and my book reading journey.

I imagined growing old and looking back on those books with fond memories.

And then along came a Kindle “sigh”.


10 thoughts on “You are not defined by the things you own, except for your books #writing #books

  1. Maybe not. As I wrote and met authors, I began to acquire autographed copies from my friends. I have a special little collection now, and can see the need for a bigger shelf one day. I love the idea of it as a legacy, or a window into my life.

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  2. I read an interview once with Stephen King where he said that when the owner of the house next to his died, he (King) suggested to his wife that they buy the house, which they could turn into a library for their books (which were apparently crowding them out of their own house).

    And then, he went on, they could have a tunnel between the two houses, with a very small one-car train that would shuttle them back and forth to their books without them having to go outside.

    His wife’s question was, “Why would we want to do that?”

    His answer, which apparently didn’t convince her, was, “Because we can!”

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