Do writers really put themselves in their books? #writing #amwriting

If you read my last article Do Writer’s Really Put You In Their Books? You might be thinking this is a trick question.

You would, of course, be right.

Writers really do put themselves in their book to some extent or another, after all, the book is the product of their musings, and their musings are fundamentally them.

But do we use ourselves in an autobiographical way when we are writing what’s meant to be a fictional book?

That’s a trickier question, and one I will attempt to demonstrate with an example.

This is a recent Facebook update by yours truly.

My inability to perform tasks that require the most basic level of coordination will never cease to amaze me. Today, I was attempting to carry a coffee, bottle of water, and a glass to the office, something I have successfully completed many times before. But today I somehow got all the parts in the wrong hands and managed to throw my coffee over the stairs and me. Having wiped up the spill, I made a second attempt after reassessing which hand everything should be in…and threw my coffee over the stairs again! I’m still trying to figure out where I went wrong.

Yes, I really am that clumsy. Yes, I really did spill my coffee, twice, even after performing what safety experts might refer to as a Job Risk Assessment. People like me are the reason for safety policies! I would like to point out that this incident occurred in the home and I would never attempt something this complex in the work environment, with or without the JRA.

So, on to the point. My poor female protagonist got my clumsy side, and that’s about it from me. Still, I do manage to provide a bounty of realistic examples for my book whenever I want to squeeze a little clumsy in 🙂

So, it’s confession time, what aspect of yourself have you given to a fictional character?

14 thoughts on “Do writers really put themselves in their books? #writing #amwriting

  1. Many things — mostly little (one character gets glasses and suddenly realizes that the apartment where she lives is really dirty, another has a father who’s a Catholic who left the church when he turned 21, etc.).

    I think I have a few characters who are finicky about grammar in various ways.

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a character who wanted children (though some of them have ended up with children anyway).

    I’m sure there are more… 🙂

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  2. I like to think that each character a writer writes has to have some small part of them inside. From their clumsiness to their insecurities to maybe even something as simple as hair color or wearing glasses!

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