Why a writer is never lonely #writer #amwriting #writing

Sometimes people ask me what I did over the weekend. When I say Oh, I did some writing, they always look at me a little funny, and wait for me to offer up something else.

The thing is, for me, a perfect weekend involves writing . . . and not a lot else.

Non-writers might think that sounds depressing. Or even a little lonely.

But a writer never feels lonely, because they are never really on their own. Their heads are full of characters and worlds, and their thoughts consumed by their quests and trials.

When you’re a writer you don’t have time to feel lonely, and you can’t imagine how it would feel to live any other way 🙂

9 thoughts on “Why a writer is never lonely #writer #amwriting #writing

  1. I concur about everything above noted! LOL! I love writing and getting into my characters. They take over the storyline and I just tag along. Even when I am out and about my stories are never far from my mind. I guess one has to be a writer to understand the pull an author feels when a character grips one’s mind. I bore my husband with my constant chatter of my newest story. Poor guy! Sigh! Nice to find fellow authors who understand my mindset, no one else does! Ha! Blessings & hugs to you Gee! Thanks for sharing your thought! ❤

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  2. I had this very question (“What did you do this weekend?”) asked of me this morning by a medical tech and got a puzzled look when I replied ‘writing’. 🙂
    I, too, can say I’m never lonely when writing as my characters keep me company. I am, however, occasionally accosted by the Procrastination Bug and the Writer’s Block.

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