Writer at work! A guide to acceptable writer interruptions #writing #amwriting

Writers know all about the writing zone.

About how easy it is to get distracted.

About how hard it can be to get started.

About how difficult it is to keep going.

And about how annoying it is when our nearest and dearest interrupt us in the middle of our writing flow.

So, for those who are unsure what constitutes an acceptable writer interruption, here is a handy guide.

To bring snacks or beverages!

Please drop snacks off promptly. Do not engage the writer in conversation or otherwise interrupt while leaving the treats. Definitely do not lean over the writer’s shoulder while dropping the snack off and speak the last sentence on the page in the voice of a pirate (as my husband does)!

The house is on fire!

First make all efforts to ‘deal’ with this before interrupting the writer. Only once the fire truck has arrived and you have ‘official’ confirmation from a trained expert that this is in fact an emergency should you interrupt the writer.

A medical emergency

Ask yourself – What would I do if the writer was not at home? – go with that.

The apocalypse has arrived

In the unlikely scenario that zombies or aliens are about to overrun your home, it’s okay to check in on your writer and see if they are at a convenient stopping point…

22 thoughts on “Writer at work! A guide to acceptable writer interruptions #writing #amwriting

  1. While I don’t know you, G.L., your humor, wit and intellect reveal something very important: That we have much in common. (Even our initials are similar.)

    This excellent post brought to mind a book dedication I recent stumbled across:

    “To my wife and children, without whom this novel would have been completed two years earlier.”

    I can definitely relate. I’m currently on the last section of the final chapter of my fourth novel, and have just finished installing land mines outside the door to my writing office.

    Okay, I’m going to go thank Twitter now for having introduced me to you.


    Greg Levin (That’s right — G.L.)

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  2. I endorse the entirety of this post. I’ve threatened my children with loss of income, loss of food privileges, and an earlier bedtime if they continue to interrupt me with questions about where the remote is, why their brother gets to go to that party and they don’t, or if their hair looks good enough for the date with so and so.

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  3. Had to reblog this as well and commented that if you need a laugh check this out, by G. L. Cromarty. It certainly gave me a welcome laugh or two.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, to be honest, would you want to be the writer who survived the zombie apocalypse but missed a lot of it because you were peering at at computer screen?

    Come on, look around, and take some notes, too. There’s some good raw material there. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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