This is the only guide you need to help get your writing wriggle on! #amwriting

Are you stuck in a writerly rut? Struggling to to find motivation?

Look no further, this is the only guide you need to help get your writing wriggle on.

 1.The epic desk tidy!

We all know that taking the time to create a tidy desk is the road to writerly success!

Isn’t it?

Hmm…Well, maybe not in all cases…

writing is fun

2.The writer ritual!

Don’t have a writer ritual? No wonder you’re not meeting your target word count!

Because playing paticake with yourself is a sure fire winner!

The writer ritual

3. Enlist the help of your pets!

Ah…Is this even legal?

Pets helping writers


4. Hire a professional speed writing coach!

Phew! I’m exhausted just watching him…


5. Prepare nutritious snacks to keep you going

The writers guide to snacks-d38jkap

Ok, maybe not…

writer nap

7. Take a course

If nothing else has worked so far this course will set you up for writing success!

Procrastination for the writer

Happy writing 🙂

22 thoughts on “This is the only guide you need to help get your writing wriggle on! #amwriting

  1. Hahaha would be nice, i think my rats wold be able to write better than me at this point, only got a couple pages before I hit a end, no one has really read it so i posted it on my site for feedback. Just waiting for someone to read it and help me point out the weak spots now xD

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    1. Keep going 🙂 I wrote hundred of bits and Ideas before they become anything. That’s not meant to put you off, just a don’t be hard on yourself. Asking for feedback is a great idea. If you want feedback on a short passage try it’s more for agent queries but they have a forum for feedback on a short passage, and they are a great source of knowledge:)


    1. I have done a few through udemy, which are usually pretty inexpensive. They are fairly short but easy enough to do. There are free ones on-line, I would give it a google and see what pops up (sorry I know thats not very useful) , they often come and go, it is usually when they are looking to get their rating up (a bit like getting a great book free while they get some reviews).
      In terms of free training (not necessarily a course), something like Janice Hardy’s Fiction University is a goldmine of wonderful detailed writing articles that are easy to follow with lots of examples. I spend hours trawling though her articles. Let me know how you get on 🙂


  2. This is great, but you forgot “blogging about writing until you’re fully possessed by the demon of fiction”. 😉

    Man, that joke was so much funnier in my head…no more late-night humor…

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