Why everyone needs a book friend #amreading #books

The books we choose to love are intensely personal items.

For every person who loves a book, there will be another who can’t abide it.

How often do you see a book that you thought was brilliant with a single one star review?

Or something you thought so terrible that you could not bear to read another page, but half the reading community thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

It happens all the time.

So when you meet someone, and discover that they love the same books as you…well, that’s the best kind of bookish friendship.

“There is no faster or firmer friendship than those formed between people who love the same books.”

15 thoughts on “Why everyone needs a book friend #amreading #books

  1. Very true, though I have a friend who takes this a bit too much to heart. We were Thomas Pynchon fans together in the 1970s (he may even have introduced me to Pynchon — I really don’t remember), and he was quite hurt when he discovered that I liked Inherent Vice a lot more than he did. He wrote me a long email, trying to talk me out of my heretical views. Without success.

    Book friends (or music friends) are great, but it’s ultimately not much of a friendship if you have to keep agreeing on every single thing for it to work.

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      1. When I was in high school, I had a girlfriend who liked every record I did, pretty much exactly as much as I did.

        Being young, I interpreted this as great compatibility. Then somebody who had known her longer than I had let me know that she did this with every boyfriend. Her way of dressing had changed when she’d started dating me, too.

        This was creepy, actually, and realizing that it was creepy was part of my growing up, in terms of what I thought a good relationship should be like.

        It was probably one factor in our breaking up, though the number of our mutual friends she was sleeping with played a role, too.

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  2. I’ve always been that one book friend because I don’t really have many reading friends, they will occasionally pick up a book but no-one I can really talk-book with. Which is why I started writing about my love of books on my blog, not I have e-friends that I talk to regularly about the books I read.
    When I first started watching BookTube, I thought there was something wrong ‘with me’ if I didn’t like a book that was being really hyped online. It took a long time for me to realise that this wasn’t the case, and that I could like something that they didn’t. I have started using them as inspiration for buying books (cautiously) but I have definitely started exploring more book options of my own (hello charity shops!).
    Thank you for sharing!

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