The Six Writing ‘Blocker’ Personalities #writing #amwriting #amnotwritingverymuch

Every writer loves to write, but with the best intentions, ‘stuff’ can get in our way.

Here are the six writing blocker personality types. Which is your favorite?

The star

You have an ‘amazing’ story idea, but you become distracted with how ‘amazing’ your life will be once you are a famous writer…

The minion

You have motivation, you have ideas…but ‘real’ people and ‘real’ life is demanding all your time!

The daydreamer

You have ideas, but the ideas are so much fun…and you just want to think about them.

The procrastinator

You want to write, you really do, but there are too many distractions in your life.

Like Twitter!

Or Facebook!

Or a snack!

Or a snooze!

The blank page

You’ve got nothing <sigh>. Absolutely nothing.

The cat wrangler!

The writing planets are aligned…unfortunately, there is something furry lying all over your keyboard.

16 thoughts on “The Six Writing ‘Blocker’ Personalities #writing #amwriting #amnotwritingverymuch

  1. I’d throw in one more: uninspired. You have the idea, have it plotted, but just don’t have the spark to get moving.–That one gets me a lot. I write really well when I have a muse, but hate when I have to force it.

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  2. I think that all of this proves that being a writer is difficult. I have had to train myself to focus on writing and to not be bothered by other distractions. Writing is a craft, like painting, music, pottery, and basket weaving. One has to put their heart and soul into their craft. When I was young, my fault was that I saw writing as something that would be easy. But it’s not. It’s super difficult and takes skill and perseverance.

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