Using Third Person vs First Person Novel POV (Survey)

So far I have always used third person in my own work, but I have often wondered about giving first person a go…and I read lots of both.

What’s your preference? And why?

It’s been a while since we had a survey! πŸ™‚

A great article on the subject.

Using Third Person vs First Person Novel Narratives (Link)

19 thoughts on “Using Third Person vs First Person Novel POV (Survey)

  1. I limit my POV characters. When I used to read a lot of epic fantasy with multiple POV’s, I would skim through the chapters of characters that weren’t as interesting to get back to the good characters I wanted to read about. I think many readers do this. It’s hard to make every POV character interesting to the reader when you have so many. So I limit my Protagonists and try to make them equally engaging.

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    1. Yes, I read one with the same format (mc first and rest third), and it worked pretty well. I find it messes with my head if I go straight from reading first person to writing third. So I’m impressed by a writer who can tackle writing both in the same book and do it well.

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  2. In my writing the plot determines the POV. I often find first person is too limiting (reader only knows what character experiences). Sometimes I want the limitations of first person to create tension and mystery. So which is best? It depends on the story.

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  3. First person really needs good justification, otherwise it is better to just stick with third. I think a lot of new writers think first person is easier, especially those who started reading old lit, which is often in first person. But the truth is the opposite. First person is easy to write bad, and very difficult to write well. This is mostly because you have to create a unique voice for your narrator. When the narrator does not have a good voice, I generally tune out of a first person piece.

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