6 Reasons Why We Write

I want to spill ink onto pages that will break your heart, then mop up the careless mess into words that might fix you.

When we write, we do so for a myriad of reasons that can shift depending on our mood, our environment, events that have happened, or even our time in life.

Sometimes, it is just a bone deep desire that we can neither quantify nor explain. Sometimes we write for a broad spectrum of needs, and sometimes for only one.

So, why do we write?

  1. To express how we feel.

Writing at its most fundamental level, is a expression of our inner-most feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an extreme horror, or a children’s book. We pour our feelings out onto the pages, and may put ourselves into the mind of a psychopath, a soldier, an abandoned child, or a miss-understood teenager. We use our imagination, or our experience, or both, to live through the eyes of that person for a time.

2. To move people

A writer who can move people is a word magician. As a writer it is our aspiration to make our reader feel. The greatest writers can take readers on a roller-coaster, from the highs of joy or humour, to the lows of the darkest, most desperate, despair.

3. To create

When we write we create, be it another world, or another life, with a rich tapestry of interactions. We can create beauty, and we can create terror. Here we become the master of a universe, an all powerful being with the responsibility of life and death.

I often think that my characters possess minds of their own, and yet they are the by-product of everything I have seen, done, and experienced, whether through my own reality, or the reverie of other’s books.

4. To provoke thought

Perhaps the greatest legacy of a book is its ability to provoke thought. Through writing, we may come to question our own lives, behaviour, or even our society. We may also allow our mind to ramble in a non-judgemental way that seeks simply to understand.

5. To forget or escape

Writing, just like reading, is a mechanism of escape. Perhaps you have had a stressful day, and you need to let those issues rest. Perhaps you simply enjoy the vibrant imaginative world that lets you experience a dark, wondrous, or incredible other life.

6. To remember

Finally, we also write to remember, or perhaps more, so that we do not forget. Maybe it is our childhood, a feeling, a time, or a by-gone era.

When we write, we capture moments that are little snapshots of our inner self, and by doing so they are immortalised forever, or at least until the legacy of their electronic presence or paper fades.

Why do you write?

44 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why We Write

  1. Hi,
    I was moved by your words. I know Chris. I met you on his site. I also know Danny Ray. You have his Meet and Greet in your sidebar. Olga and Aurora know me as well.
    Why do I write? I want to help people. I find it rewarding. I offer blogging tips on my site. When people say my tips have helped them, it feels validating.
    Nice to meet you.

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      1. Hey Georgina!
        I just saw the notice that you followed my blog. Thank you so much. I have a surprise for you too. I liked your post so much I will be linking to you in my Weekly Roundup Best Links of the Week this Thursday. I owe Chris a thanks for our connection.

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Most of you reading this will write..blog posts, books, poems, song lyrics etc.. so what got you started. I dabbled in short stories, poems and song lyrics for 42 years but took writing seriously to help me lose 150lbs. A daily journal not only kept me on track but got me into the daily habit of putting pen to paper. I also used it to keep my hands busy and out of the fridge! Answers please directly to Georgina Cromarty on the original post…

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  3. Why do I write? I write to give voice to myself…to let out my feelings. Sometimes I think I would have be a better writer, if I was writing under anonymity. I really clean up what I write and what I want to say…I live in a very isolated place…and if I did not write…I would burst at the seams! 🙂 I live in Wisconsin and you are in Australia—amazing where WordPress takes us! Nice to meet you! Blessings on your day!

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  4. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    6 Reasons Why We Write…thank you Georgina Cromarty and Chris Graham!

    Why do I write? Perhaps because writing dissolves time… and the powerful emotions aroused by both mundane and sublime events are productively channeled…because I have so much to say and no one who can listen endlessly…because as a maverick muse, I have experiences others who have lived the conventional life may want to hear about and resonate with….and for so many other reasons…

    Why do YOU write?

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  5. That quote at the top there is a bit melodramatic and grandiose for me. 🙂

    The six things you list — they’re closer to the mark. To take the things that I think and feel, and put them into a form that people will find entertaining.

    The memory part is tricky, because the writing can obscure the actual memories. Hemingway said when he was older that he remembered Lady Brett Ashley, the character he had created for The Sun Also Rises, better than he remembered Lady Duff Twysden, the actual woman he had based the character on. I’ve had this happen, too. The minute you write it, it starts to become something different than the memory.

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    1. I do like a bit of melodrama at times 😉
      And very interesting that things, people, events etc morph simply by the act of writing them down. My memory is shocking because I pay so little attention to reality. I genuinely believe life goes through an internal translator in my head microseconds after happening…I’m sticking with perception is reality 🙂 just hope I never have to give a statement about something important that happened!


  6. I love to write, to entertain, and to keep myself accountable to cleaning my house. I have to do SOMETHING in the house, because I have a post to write! I just love talking to people, so I just write it down, and wait for the comments to roll (or trickle) in.

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