Writing update #amwriting #amreading

It’s been a crazy few months and a lot of ‘real life’ issues have taken me away from my writing and blog.

Between renovations, preparing to move from one side of Australia to the other, and a todo list that sat in the hundreds, I had very little downtime.

Last Sunday, I finally got on a plane and officially moved from Perth to Brisbane for the foreseeable future. Now I can look forward to nine months off work as I take some extended leave. Plenty of opportunity to get back to writing and blogging and to look after my health. I have a new writing desk with a new view, and although I’m going to miss my old home and my little writing pod, I’m already getting a good vibe about my new writing space.

I think where we sit and write is really important to our creativity. A writer, or any artists for that matter, needs a space they call their own, where they mentally feel ready to submerge themselves in their chosen craft. My cats have already commandeered half my desk, but I’m used to that, and they have become part of the scenery 🙂

It’s going to be another week before I can let them out to play so the best they have is watching through the window.  They have already engaged in a bit of territorial wailing with our new neighbors cats… I have some turf wars to look forward to!

I’m going to kick-off my return to blogging with a series of author interviews. Details to follow.

I also have a lovely motivational reading list ready so I’ll be writing reviews as I go.

And of course the usual writerly observations and posts.

Happy reading and writing 🙂