16 Signs you’re addicted to writing #amwriting

  1. You keep a pad and pen or electronic device handy next to your bed so that you can quickly jot ideas down.

addicted to writing ideas

2. You think it’s perfectly normal to have imaginary conversations between imaginary people in your head.

imaginary friends

3. You never give up, even when the dreaded writer’s block strikes.

writer frustrations

4. It takes you ages to fall asleep because you are busy running through book scenes in your head.

sleeping writer

5. You have half finished manuscripts, random scenes, photos, ideas, and character profiles scattered in files all over your computer, and on bits of paper in every room of the house.

writers stuff

6. You get distracted during conversations if someone says something you think would be great for your book.

characters for your book

7. You hate the thought of socialising, but love it when you do because how else are you going to find material for your book.


8. You find yourself watching strangers, especially if they are quirky, different, or are doing something odd.

odd people make great writing material

9. Daydreaming is your next favourite thing after writing.


10. You are delighted when everyone else goes out so you can have some quality writing time alone.

writing best done alone

11. When you write you forget about everything…who needs to eat or clean the house?

Messy house

12. You have enough funky notebooks, pens, and pads to start your own stationery store.

stationery story

13. You have well defined reward criteria for finishing your writing tasks…If I can just finish a thousand words tonight I can have that…


14. You get a little thrill when you write a really good sentence or scene.

15. You get a bigger thrill when someone else loves a sentence or scene you wrote.


16. You would rather be writing than anything else…well, almost anything 😉


Happy writing 🙂