Planning again

I may have mentioned this before, but I am not very good at planning. Planing a book, just feels – constrained. I am aware however, that if you want to completeĀ a good book you need to put some effort into planning.

I am now planning my 3rd book, and struggling to contain myself to wrapping the story up. My problem is that there always seems to be a new thing that pops up that I just absolutely have to add in. I am trying to rein this in so that I actually finish the story.

I am intending to write the last chapter of the book today, which may sound a little odd, but I feel I need to draw a definiteĀ line in the sand, and then address each of the characters plot lines against this closing point. This is an attempt on my part not to end up with an infinite story (not my fault, those characters are tricky things and this keep racing off and doing something interesting).


Ok, my mission today. The last 2 chapters. <rolls shoulders and stretches fingers> Let the typing begin.