What inspires you to write

I have recently been through various personality style / assessments at work as part of some training. I am deeply fascinated by this sort of thing. I love exploring personality types, both my own and others. I love trying to figure out what makes people tick, their goals and aspirations, their life journeys, and what makes them unique.

The main one I have done is called Life Style Inventory. If you are not sure what Life Style Inventory is click here to the link. Basically you answer comprehensive list of questions. You, your peers, your manager, and your subordinates all complete this questionnaire, and you received detailed feedback on your thinking and behaviour styles. Not quite the same as a personality type, but sort of similar.

I have a coach who works with me on reviewing all the feedback and, as if I haven’t already done enough questions, he sent me a separate questionnaire to help him better understand how to work with me as my coach.

Amongst the many questions was…What inspires and motivates you?

Ok, I love questions like this 🙂

Lets look at inspiration first.

The immediate thought that came to mind was no one, as if only other people could be an inspiration. You often hear people talk about being inspired by other people who have succeed in their chosen field. For example athletes, humanitarians, great writers or poets, pop stars etc.

I was feeling a little, nope, thats not me.

Then I turned it around and asked myself what makes me want to write?


This was instantly easier to answer. I love looking out at nature, and I have an amazing view from my writing room (above). But I also feel inspired by beauty and art of all kinds including music, stories, buildings, etc. If I was also going to get into specifics I would add, myths, legends, fables, and any tale with a theme that resonate with my inner hero.

I love travelling and history, and there is nothing more moving to me that standing at a historical sight and letting my imagination run wild. I find this very inspiring. Wherever we go on holidays I always work it around something I know I will find inspiring, and afterwards it’s pretty much an ideas avalanche.

Below. I find castles to be be a huge inspiration personally. I find they both tragic and romanic, particularly ones like Raglan in Wales, shown here. Raglan has such a dark and traumatic past that it is hard to walk around it and press your fingers against the ancient stone without feeling a little of that history seep into your own soul.


Below, taken on a walk along a stretch of the Great Wall of China, just outside Beijing. I saw some amazing historical sights while travelling through China. I love hearing about the history, the culture, and events that happened at the places I visited.


So in conclusion, for me, it is the product of amazing people, not necessarily the people themselves, that inspires me. I wonder how these genius creators would feel about me stating that?

I think that if anyone ever said a book I had written inspired them, even in some very tiny way, I would be beyond delighted. So I think, and I hope, they would be happy to know I find the results of their hard work so inspiring.

And, if I had to choose between someone remembering me or my book. I would choose my book every time.

Part 2 coming soon. What motivates you?