WordPress tips – Featured image not updating #Blogging #WordPress

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you update your blog post featured image in WordPress, but when you share it on social media, it still shows the old image…

Annoying, isn’t it!

Here are two super easy ways to fix this for Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/

  1. Insert your post URL.
  2. Hit ‘show existing scrape information’.
  3. Check the picture.
  4. If wrong hit the ‘fetch new scrape information’.
  5. The picture should now be correct.

Twitter: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator

  1. Insert your URL.
  2. Hit preview card.
  3. The picture should now be correct.

Note: If you have problems with this not working the first time, try waiting 5 minutes and then retry.

Happy blogging 🙂

Normal service is resumed! #amwriting

Well, after all the excitement of finally publishing book one in my Divided World Series I am excited to be getting back to a bit of regular blogging…and writing!

I haven’t done any completely new writing for a few months now so I expect I will be a little rusty. But, just like riding a bike, I am sure it will all come back to me. Book 2 was drafted a while ago so I will also be completing some self-editing and seeking some beta feedback before I get onto the ‘proper editing’ (i.e. editing not done by me).

I have learnt a lot about publishing over the last month so I will also be running a series of posts about that, as well as sharing links to some amazing resources I have found along the way. 

So lots of exciting updates that you will hopefully find of interest.

I would also like to open up my blog to guest posts. Given this is a blog about writing I would like to keep posts to that topic, and I am happy to include links to your blog and or book.  If you are new to blogging or would just like to reach a few new readers please drop me an email to glcromarty@thewritingchimp.com.

Divided Serenity is available to buy on all Amazon stores, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s Free!

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AUS Amazon

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What I learned from blogging and how it helped my fictional writing #amwriting #writing

I often think of blog posts as micro novels. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. They have a message, and they have a style. And just like a ship sailing on the ocean, they take the reader on a journey from A to B.

Some people write very similar blog posts, with the same style, cadence, and then simply change up the topic. I like to write about different things, but also to apply different styles. One day I might like to use lots of pictures, and on another I might write about a particular topic that takes my fancy, and sometimes I try my hand at more technical ‘how to’ guides.

It doesn’t matter what your style of blog post writing is, there is as much diversity to blogging as there is to writing books.

The important thing about blogging is simply to write, but to do so with the proviso that it needs to get to its point in an interesting way using a relatively constrained number of words.

An aside: I recently read a number of articles that suggest the average article reader wants increasingly smaller bites of information and fewer words.

The interesting thing about writing blog posts is that they build writer discipline and train you in a rather sneaky, underhand sort of way. And that’s a good thing! You notice very quickly the sort of posts that get positive feedback.

While new bloggers don’t necessarily start by thinking about the feedback, fundamentally blogging is about making a connection, and this is done through feedback. Notice any similarity here to writing a book?

I am an introvert and not one for small talk or social gatherings, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to connect, and for me blogging is a way to connect with other people who share a common love of writing.

When I write a post that resonates with my readers, that makes me very happy. But when I write a post that my readers tell me makes them ‘think’ in a new or different way, that is far more profound.

And so to with writing anything…including writing a book.

Why not short stories?

Short-stories are an excellent writer feedback mechanism. However, I feel that even short stories require a level of editing and grammatical scrutiny prior to release that you don’t need to adhere to in an average blog post. Blog readers are generally more forgiving of the odd typo or misplaced word, and more interested in what you have to say than how you say it. Which means blogging allows you to get on with expressing yourself without the same level of nail-biting fear.

So, what have I learned from writing blog posts

  • It connects you with others who share a common interest.
  • It makes you think about (and practice) writing structure.
  • It provides an outlet for your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.
  • It delivers feedback in real-time.
  • It is creative.
  • It builds discipline: You have to get to the point in a quick and interesting way.
  • It trains you: By constantly submitting articles and receiving feedback.
  • It can clear the dreaded writer’s block by making you use your creativity in a fresh way.

Closing thoughts

For new and experienced writers, blogging remains a wonderful way to connect, share and belong to the writing community. And while there is nothing better than meeting other writers face-to-face in writer groups, blogging is a nice addition, or alternative for those who can’t.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you for the nomination. Some old favourites in your list that I already follow, as well as some new ones I will check out 🙂

Natacha Guyot


I was recently nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the talented Tonya R. Moore from Spec-Fic Genre Love. Thank you very much!

Rules for this Award… should you choose to accept it. (If you don’t, simply consider it a token of appreciation!)

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Seven Little Known Facts About Me

  1. My second cat (Kenzi) is a turtleshell like my first one, Sissi (who passed away in 2013) was. I didn’t do this on purpose but I fell in love with both amazon ladies!
  2. I am allergic to onion.
  3. My first work of fiction coming out this month, a French Science Fiction novella for kids (La Cité de Sharianth), was the…

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