Why writers should help writers #amwriting

I came across the video below during a leadership training course. At first there might not seem to be an obvious connection between writing and leadership…but stick with me 🙂

The  Ted Talk reminds us how important positive feedback is. All too often in life we focus on what is wrong. How often is it that bad service prompts you to complain? And how often after good service do you take the time to tell the company or individual? All too often it is the complaint that drives us to action, and all too often we fail to praise what is good.

Most of us will be quick to point out that we offer good feedback sometimes, but do we offer it often enough?

Feedback on Writing

Writing a review is such a simple and easy way to show the writer that you enjoyed their work. Sure you can drop a star rating on a book in amazon, and that’s great, but there is nothing quite as magical as someone’s words—their words—of praise.

Feedback on blogging about writing

I have lost track of the number of fantastic blog posts I have read about writing, sure I read books, but an amazing array of little gems comes from the blogging community too. Often these ideas and insights don’t manifest change or impact immediately, or perhaps the magnitude of the change or impact is only realised later down the track. In the video the recipient took four years before they thanked the person who changed the course of their life.

Nobody understands how hard writing is as well as another writer. Nobody understands the dedication, commitment, and sheer endurance you need to even finish a book, let alone publish it, as well as another writer. And no one understands how much time we give willingly to studying the craft as well as another writer.

If you are a writer, whatever your skill level, you have a voice and knowledge to share so please keep sharing it. You may never know how powerful your words are, or the impact they may have, but be reassured they are. And if you enjoy a book or blog post then let’s let the author know.

I would like to close by thanking everyone who has taken the time to comment on my posts. I cherish each and every one of them.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂