The ‘stuff’ we write in Journals

Back in January 2014, I made a new years resolution to publish a book.

What is life without a dream?

As part of that journey I bought myself a lovely new Journal.

I also bought two other note pads. One for work related positive feedback, and another for personal positive feedback.

My entries in them have been sporadic, but at least I am making some effort to write my thoughts and feeling down. I do write some long posts when something in particular comes up, but mostly it is a collection of quotes or things I have picked up that resonate with my own journey.

Ok, and there is quite a bit of ‘stuff’ that relates to my self-confessed skill at procrastination 😉

I also draw little pictures, jot ideas, and make the occasional, diary-like entry.

So I wondered how many other people keep a journal, or a diary? How often do you use it? And what sort of things do you include?