Social Media – Are you keeping up to date?

If you are anything like me you have an array of social media. Among them a few favourites, and a few that have fizzled out.  Personally, I love social media, but it can be exhausting trying to keep pace. My personal favourites would be Facebook, twitter and blogs, but I also enjoy reddit for the best place to find new news articles.

I first saw this video on a lunch box session on social media, and it really demonstrates the frenzy of excitement that can go along with social media. It is, of course, an advert. I am, of course, falling under the spell of their clever marketing by sharing it 😉

Thus, the allure of social media is the attention it generates, and this comes as much by using it effectively as by using it at all.

Hashtags are important, especially on tweets, but again are you using them as effectively as you can? Using the right hashtag will get you the right audience.

Using keywords in your post/Pintrest article/Youtube video is a relatively new one for me. Against any subject there will be keywords people use frequently. These should be used in both your post title and in your first paragraph to help you posts get the right and relevant attention. Care needs to be taken between too broad a word or phrase which will leave your post 200 search pages down, and too specific meaning no one will ever search for it!

Top 10 SEO tips

Knowing why you use Social media. For me, social media is about sharing and learning. I want to learn from other writers who are more experienced than me, and I also love sharing whatever is going on in my writerly life. I particularly love the sense of connection I get with like minded people who share my love of writing and empathise with the trials of writing and publishing a book.

I would love to hear your feedback on using social media.

The best and worst things about social media?

Your top tips for using it effectively?

Why do you use social media?

Which are your favourite social media accounts and why?