Personality Profiles for Books & TV Shows

Some ingenious souls out there have profiled the characters from famous Books / TV Shows, and very funny it is too. Links below.

I suffer a bit of an obsession with personality profiles, but given I share my personality profile with people like Carl Jung, and sit pretty close to the fence with Isabel Briggs-Myers, this is probably not much of a surprise.


Most of my traits are pretty extreme, i.e. I have very strong tendencies for all except the Perceiving/ Judging, and definitely sit on the fence with that. I have done the test a few times, and I always come out Judging, but never much more than 10%.

I particularly like the turbulent feature. I did a different test for work purposes, but instead of Turbulent / Assertive it used the term Stable / Unstable!  I was highly animated when I read this – I may have made a few worried / emotional outbursts in the office on discovering this, such as OMG I’M NOT UNSTABLE! and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN! Thus demonstrating the accuracy of the score 😉

If you don’t know what your profile is, here is a great link to a free test.

So, enough of the serious stuff. I really want to find someone who matched their personality type with Jar Jar Binks! 😉 Come on, share if you do.

It’s OK I share with Jon Snow – who apparently knows nothing 😉


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Walking Dead Personality Profile

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