Book names – decisions, decisions!

If you haven’t already read my post on naming characters Character names – decisions, decisions! Then just to bring you up to speed, I now seem to have developed a bit of a naming problem in general. While there are a lot of characters in your book, and so the task of naming them is multiplied by many, your book title is the window to your work, and so is just as, if not more, important.

I have been writing my current book, off and on, for ten years. I have a huge number of WIP projects, so I used to jump about a bit until I most recently decided to get my shuffle on, and actually publish one of them.

So my book has been called THE WALL, for ever, because, well, everything sort of centres around the wall. However, while working on my pitch, this long standing title has been exposed to new people. That new audience has provided some feedback, which has made me question it’s merit. The book name is very important. It’s the first thing your audience is exposed to, and it conjures up an instant mental image.

Humans are creatures of association. How many people love the sound of a name, but won’t use it for their kids, simply because it reminds them of someone else who is horrid! I used to love the name Clarissa, until I read the book Clarissa, and after I was scarred for life. Which is tragic, because I still think it’s a beautiful name, but now I have this unpleasant connection that is hard to shake off.

So it seems the first thing that springs to mind with THE WALL is Pink Floyd!

For goodness sake, how old is that song? Still, it is what it is, and if even a percentage of people go off on a tangent when they pick up my book, then I think it’s time for change.

So, to put what follows in to context. In case you don’t already know I live in Australia. And I often have text conversations of an evening with my 90 year old, flight-sim playing, father who lives in the UK.

Here we are, discussing my recent name change from The Wall to The Technological God…I’m the blue 🙂

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