You know you’re a writer when you’ve found a million ways to procrastinate #writer #writing

You know you’re a writer when you’ve found a million ways to procrastinate…here are a few tips to help you spot the procrastination pitfalls.

Reading really is the perfect excuse for any writer because you can convince yourself that it is actually helping you to become a better writer. Yes, it certainly is, but sometimes you do need to put the book down and get back to your keyboard and write.

Snacks. If you want to keep your writing brain in tip-top working order you need a snack, right? Yes, until you realise you’ve eaten enough food for a small party, and then it’s time to explore the possibility that you might be letting procrastination creep in.

Daydreaming is the birthplace of all good plot ideas. But maybe if you’re daydreaming about ‘fetching another snack’, it’s time to get on with actually writing the book!

Editing! Is the worst form of writer procrastination. You know you need to start the next chapter, but it’s so enticing to pop back to what you did yesterday . . . just for a quick check. The next thing you know, you’ve taken a bulldozer to it . . . and you’re not making any new progress on the book!

Desk tidy. Yes, we have all been there and done that, but after your 23rd pencil readjustment, you know you really need to get back to your book!

What’s your favourite procrastination habit? 🙂

How to cure procrastination – write like a frog #amwriting


Frogs, not one of natures most obvious masters of writing. Yet Kermit appears to be beating his keyboard with a certain level of industrious, even exuberant, energy.

So, what can we learn from Kermit.

Well, sometimes you need to think about what you write, and sometimes you need to stop thinking and just sit down and bash the damn keys…with the enthusiasm of a frog.

Yes, you may at first write a little garbage, but something amazing happens if you can just push past your normal inclination to check your Facebook, twitter, blog, email, make a cup of tea…or forage for food.

You already made five cups of tea, have eaten numerous snacks, and yes Facebook will survive with out your attention for the next…say hour or so.

That amazing thing that happens is the miracle where all the good stuff comes pouring out. It is there, just waiting, you just have to hit the keys.

Now, get back to your keyboards, you crazy fools and write like a frog!

writers – why we love procrastination

Is it possible to be a writer and not procrastinate? I often ponder this question…while procrastinating instead of getting some writing done.

Writers - why we love procrastination

I’m sure there may be writers out there who don’t procrastinate, but I’ve never met one. People who are able to write without a snack break, tea break, random paper and pencil realignment, or that essential quick peak to see what is happening on Facebook or Twitter, remain a myth.

Procrastination for the writer

So, is a little procrastination good for us?

Well, I’m inclined to think a little procrastination never hurt anyone. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that procrastination is an art form, and most writers have a deep sense of respect and empathy for our fellow procrastinators.

We get it.  We get them.

And we know that sometimes you need to embrace a little procrastination before you can get down to doing something constructive with your time.

Procrastination is a warm-up. It’s a means to an end.

It’s also a reward.

“I’ve just bashed out 5 pages! I deserve a quick game of Candy Crush!”

Is there such a thing as too much procrastination? I’ll leave you to decide 🙂