Mars—the only known planet inhabited solely by robots

I saw this picture today,  of the real life Wall-E out on Mars. Curiosity, has been busy doing his thing, in a surprisingly similar way to his fictitious counterpart, made famous by Disney Pixar. If a robot could look happy, I would say Curiosity was looking pretty damn happy right now. There is also a little bit of pride—look at me—the picture seems to say.


It struck me as a lonely life, if a robot could have such a feeling, but an industrious life all the same. Curiosity isn’t completely alone though, he has a few redundant friends such as Opportunity and Spirit, who also reside on Martian land, but there are no people, making Mars, as far as we know, the only planet to be inhabited solely by robots.

Below, Opportunity takes a shadow selfie. Those rovers know how to mix-it-up!


There is something quintessentially human, about these robot selfies taken on Mars, and it is the nature of humans that we place our emotional nuances on unemotional objects, such as cute robot rovers.

Picture Source: Mars Exploration Rovers

Source Article: Curiosity takes a ‘belly selfie’ on Mars

Interesting fact about the picture: The Curiosity selfie is actually 92 pictures stitched together to remove the tell-tale, outstretched, selfie arm. Clever robot! aka NASA engineers 😉