The life of a writer – renovations, colds and cats

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks and months, and my writing progress has not been great.

My heath took a bit of a dip. I have suffered with anaemia and pernicious anaemia many times, but they still creep up on me again occasionally, and I had managed to get myself into a very bad state. A intensive course of B-vitamin injections and an iron infusion sorted it out and I was feeling pretty buoyant, and then I got the dreaded cold.

Thankfully it is clearing up, but with one thing and then the other I have spent very little time writing, much to my frustration.

On the positive side, not feeling great does encourage you to submerge yourself in a book, so I am currently tucking into this little gem.


Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)

About a third of the way through, but enjoying it so far. If I was to pick one thing out so far, it would be the power you have over your own thoughts, and the choice you have to experience life positively.

I am not the only one who has been feeling sorry for myself, my cat (Ted) believes he is the master of the entire neighbourhood and occasionally fails epically in his attempts to protect his perceived domain. The result was a trip to a vet and a cone on his head after a nasty scratch. I gave him a stern talking to and explained that he either needs to develop his fighting skills or learn to run…not sure how much good it will do 😉


We have also been doing some renovations on our little stone cottage, and after a considerable amount of procrastination about which kitchen units to get, we have finally had the new kitchen fitted. I am ridiculously excited about having a dishwasher again! I have even done a bit of cooking, much to my husbands delight. It’s the little things. . .


And some writing. . .

I have actually done a little writing. To ease myself back in, I have done some editing on book two. I brought some chapters forward to give book one a better rounded story. So having pillaged book two for book one, I pulled some of book three back to book two. I have settled on the content for book two now. There are a couple of chapters in this second book that still need a little work, and the whole thing needs self editing, but feeling pretty happy about it so far.

Happy writing everyone!