What motivates you to write?

What motivates you?

My first reaction to this question was a little bit erm, I’m not sure. I just really, really want <Insert your desire here> . I have described myself as a little bit of a life drifter in the past. I have a great life, and I am very happy with what I have achieved, but do I really set myself a course? Or have I just acidented upon what and where I am?

Was I really motivated?

My thoughts drifted (yes, there’s that word again) off to the usual things that people talk of when they refer to positive motivation. Commonly mentioned things include money, fame, recognition from peers, perhaps the satisfaction you feel from helping others, or even a determination to find a cure for a disease. I realised that what motivates people is the vision of the end goal. That these ideas of motivation were all end goals, places we want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually.

“People are often motivated by the vision of the end goal.”

Ok, I kind of like that. I’m a writer, I love visualisation, I could get lost in visualisation!

Yep, better stop there, otherwise you can fall into the trap of spending so much time and effort visualising where you want to be that you never actually get there!


So many people want things, but they are not prepared to put in the effort to get there. You want that great body, but do you get up early to exercise everyday? You want to be a hot shot lawyer, but are you prepared to study, and work the long hard hours to achieve this dream?

Achieving is sometimes about giving something else up. Motivation is the thing that makes it easy to give up x in order to get y. Working long hours doesn’t feel hard when each hour takes you closer to your dream. Not only does putting in the effort not feel like a burden, you actually enjoy it!

So, we have a dream, we are motivated to put the hard graft in to achieve it. We are mentally prepared to give up our time, comforts, donuts (donuts can be hard), to turn our vision into reality.


Now we are just missing one vital step…A plan to get us there.

Part 3 coming soon – Achieving your dreams by setting goals