Writing and Mead – What else do you need? #amwriting

Last Monday I had just reached the 50% mark of my novel, and now, just under a week later, I have completed another 17k of my draft.

I feel like I’m on the home straight, and making good progress towards my completion goal of around 100k by the end of April. My daily target was originally around 1600, but it’s down to 1200 now, which is reasonably easy to achieve even if I miss a few days.

As a reward for my progress (I don’t need much of an excuse) we decided to head out to the local wine region. For those who don’t know much about Western Australia, there are quite a few wine regions. The main one being the Margaret River region, but one of the smaller regions, Swan Valley, is about ten minutes from our home. Swan Valley has plenty of wineries, and the usual additions like boutique breweries, cheese shops, olive farms, chocolatiers, as well as independent cafes, coffee shops and restaurants.

A spot of lunch at the winery was followed by coffee and cake at ‘The House of Honey‘, which as well as selling every flavour of honey imaginable and delicious cakes, also houses a mead brewery. It seemed rude not to indulge in a little mead tasting. And yes, we may have bought a few bottles home.

I’ll let you know if the mead has a favourable impact on my writing progress 🙂