Divided Serenity…World building #SciFi #bookrelease

Divided Serenity, a science fiction novel, is set on a colonised planet, where a force-field wall separates the technologically advanced settlers from the planet’s native inhabitants.

The two parts of the world rarely interact, other than a few individuals who are given license to travel outside the colony into the native lands where they act as observers, watching and reporting.

Beyond the protective wall the lands are consumed by conflict, with the Shadowlanders and the Jaru existing in a delicate balance of power. The Shadowlanders are semi-civilised, but the Jaru have vast numbers, and the two people collide in a perpetual state of war.

The colonists, known as the Aterrans, have lived there a long time. Eons. Many Aterrans don’t even believe they are colonists, but are native to the planet themselves. They live in a vast sprawling collection of cities, separated from the rest of the planet by mountains to the north, sea to the south and west, and a vast wall to the east. Much of the colony infrastructure relies on Ancient Technology, so called because it’s as old as the colony. Ancient technology is considered indestructible—it just works. Repairs are infrequent and self-automated. People are superfluous to its operation.

The few people who know about ancient technology are more historians than technical experts. They study the technology in the way a modern day historian might try to decipher an ancient Egyptian scroll.

Aterra has no weapons—they never needed any. So when a natural disaster compromises their force-field wall, their protection from the natives, their very existence is put at risk…and that’s where Divided Serenity starts.

Divided Serenity (Divided World Book One) coming soon.

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