How to cure procrastination – write like a frog #amwriting


Frogs, not one of natures most obvious masters of writing. Yet Kermit appears to be beating his keyboard with a certain level of industrious, even exuberant, energy.

So, what can we learn from Kermit.

Well, sometimes you need to think about what you write, and sometimes you need to stop thinking and just sit down and bash the damn keys…with the enthusiasm of a frog.

Yes, you may at first write a little garbage, but something amazing happens if you can just push past your normal inclination to check your Facebook, twitter, blog, email, make a cup of tea…or forage for food.

You already made five cups of tea, have eaten numerous snacks, and yes Facebook will survive with out your attention for the next…say hour or so.

That amazing thing that happens is the miracle where all the good stuff comes pouring out. It is there, just waiting, you just have to hit the keys.

Now, get back to your keyboards, you crazy fools and write like a frog!